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Now protecting your ears can be fun and attractive. Enjoy swimming with the reassurance that your hearing, and that of your your loved ones is protected.The Catamaran is a custom ear prostheses that offers protection for swimming, myringotomy, PE tubes, or any problems associated with Otitis Externa or Otitis Media. The Catamaran has proven to …
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Catamaran Ear Plugs


This earmold is designed for use in high noise. Whether at the track or in the nightclub, it is a comfortable, discreet solution to communications in high noise. This earmold provides 29dB attenution, more than most earmuff style high noise headsets and at the same time is small comfortable and discreet.To make this earmold we …
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Rated 3.00 out of 5

Custom Attenuating Earmold


The Most Comfortable Earpiece. Private Clear Communication. Maintains Situational Awareness. Extremely Durable. 1 Year Warranty. This Custom Earpiece is the solution for Emergency Services, Security, Haz Mat, Guest Services; anywhere you want ultimate comfort. The other added advantage is that a skeleton style earmold does not block your ear canal, you can still hear all …
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Rated 4.90 out of 5

Custom Skeleton Earmold


Our custom earpieces always start with an impression. The impression is only the first step in the process of making a custom mold. These impressions are used to make a finished earmold. Generally it is best to order your impression kit and earmold at the same time; this way, we can fill out the order …
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Impression Kit


The Precision Ear electronic hearing protector and enhancement for shooters allows for speech to be heard, but suppresses loud sounds. They can be ordered in a variety of colors including swirls and can be made in either a hard or soft acrylic.Face Plate colors available:brown, orange, green, black, sky blue, beige. Excellent Hearing Protection and …
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Shooters Ear Plugs


Custom Molded Shot Plugs Hearing Protection. Are your ears RINGING? What if YOU were DEAF? PROTECT the hearing you still have. . . Let’s face it, no one likes to wear hearing protection. It’s inconvenient, looks funny, is uncomfortable and can be expensive. Why do YOU need hearing protection?. . In some work environments it’s …
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Shot Plugs