12″ Tracker Coiled Tube Earpiece, 3.5mm right angle connector Tracker-3R


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The Tracker Listen Only Earpiece is exceptionally comfortable and durable. An earpiece is so important for safety by keeping you stealthy and not making your subjects aware of private communication. And with the Tracker you can be sure you won’t miss an important call. The Kevlar reinforced wire and stapled strain reliefs make it the perfect item to survive the rigors of police work. With the “Semi-Custom Skeleton” you have the perfect unit for 12-hour comfort and the security. The unit won’t come out of your ear. The Tracker 12″ is designed for use where you plug it directly into a jack on the shoulder microphone itself.If you need to plug in at the radio (or on the “tower” on some radios, please click here for the Tracker 42″).

  • Listen Only
  • 12″ cord to plug directly into Shoulder Mic
  • Coiled Tube for Comfort
  • Optional Earmolds Available
  • Short 12″ Wire, Nothing for Suspects to Grab!
  • Kevlar Wire for Exceptional Durability
  • One Year Warranty Against ALL Failures

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