Catamaran Ear Plugs


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Now protecting your ears can be fun and attractive. Enjoy swimming with the reassurance that your hearing, and that of your your loved ones is protected.The Catamaran is a custom ear prostheses that offers protection for swimming, myringotomy, PE tubes, or any problems associated with Otitis Externa or Otitis Media. The Catamaran has proven to be the most effective method to seal the ear from harmful water. Our plugs are fabricated using the JB-1000 material, a medical grade silicone that offers a unique softness and flexibility. This high grade material will not shrink or harden with normal usage. The combined features assure user comfort even during prolonged wearing time. . The custom Catamarans are available in many attractive colors as well as natural flesh tones. . Our hearing protection products are made with the highest quality medical grade materials and are packed with exclusive features only available in our products.

  • Excellent Hearing Protection.
  • Wild Colors (If You Want!)
  • Does Not Include Impression Kit

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