CE420 Two Way Radio 6 User Communication Package

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The Black Diamond Radio CE420 two way radio is ideal for venues in the 4,000 to 8,000 sq ft range.  Designed to ensure clear communication in the loudest environments.
Your Package Includes:
  • 6 CE420 4W UHF two way radios
  • 6 SentinelHN high noise earpieces

All of the necessary accessories are also included, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Belt Clips, and Individual Rapid-rate chargers.

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The Custom Earpiece BlackDiamond CE420 is designed to be exceptionally durable, yet much smaller than the typical Security two way radio. The CE420 is feature rich, the belt clip is indestructable, the chassis is cast aluminum and yes, we thought of the user when we added Voice annunciation. You no longer need to fumble with the radio when changing channels, it tells you what channel you’ve changed to. When you wear an earpiece you hear it clearly in your ear. “two” when you change. No more guessing.

Strong and weatherproof, the BlackDiamond CE-420 meets Mil 810 C,D, and E and its advanced audio processor is designed to excel in high-noise environments and provide superior audio, even in narrow band.

SentinelHN Earpiece:

The Sentinel features less wire than other 2-wire kits. One wire leaves the radio and runs to a microphone push-to talk unit; the earpiece wire attaches at the microphone/push to talk unit near the lapel and runs under the shoulder to the back of the neck. The audio quality for the Sentinel High Noise Earpiece is excellent in extreme sound pressures. The Sentinel features a large PTT that which lies flat; this means it is easy to find and that you can simply push on it rather than having to grab the entire PTT unit. A step saved you’ll be thankful for when your hand and your mind are engaged by an unruly guest!

With this earpiece you can talk into your two way radio at a conversational tone and have crystal clear communication even if you can’t hear yourself talk. The Centurion LE uses Kevlar-reinforced wiring and top quality strain reliefs. It was designed for those in Law Enforcement, so it will survive in even the roughest work environment.

6-Bank Charger (Optional):

One of the biggest challenges in a nightclub environment is keeping track of expensive equipment. The 6-Bank Charger helps a great deal in this regard. Designed to charge a two way radio fully in only one hour, this charger is electronically controlled to protect your batteries and charge them fast. An added feature is the ability to charge a battery which is not attached to the two way radio, simply drop the battery alone into the slot. Just galnce at your charger at the end of the night and be confident all of your two way radios have been returned!

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